Darm is a mystic Master of Scrolls living in a hut in the Timbermist Woods with the dragon Brandywine. He scolds her for eating cats. Once, Brandywine carried him through the Kyrandia Day 3-leg relay race and they won the last year's trophy.

He seems to be a bit senile and deaf and blind as he fails to hear Brandon's name correctly, he calls him Pancer, Hanson, Branson, Brynton, Brocolli or Brindon at different times. He attempted to summon Brandon's birthstones but the spell went awry and the stones were scattered around the area. Brandon found him following the directions of Kallak, and Darm asked to fetch him a quill. With this, he wrote for him a scroll with a snow spell. He instructed him to find his birthstones and return. When he returned with the flute, Darm redirected him to Zanthia across the Shadowland or Faeriewood.

Darm disappeared along with some parts of Kyrandia

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