Herman the Handiman is a carpenter living in the Forest of Kyrandia. He found the bridge broken and asked Brandon to help him some planks to fix it. Brandon gave him the saw he found under Kallak's table. Herman is then seen to the north of the cave sawing a tree. When Brandon returns to the cave, the tree is sawed off, and the bridge is repaired. Herman then remembers that he forgot to return Brandon's saw to him and leaves.

Brandon can try traverse the stream by walking on the rope, and Herman will try to dissuade him. If Brandon insists, he will fall to his death.

Later, Herman is enchanted by Malcolm and kept in Castle Kyrandia, blocking Brandon from entering a room, sawing him in half if he attempts to come closer. Brandon neutralizes him by curing him with his Amulet.

He kept a green color in his complexion and constantly waved his saw. This drove his wife, Josephine nuts, and she moved to her mother's house. He also lost his job and became a cheese cutter.

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