Malcolm was the son of Court Jester Heinwald and Princess Thelia. As a kid he liked to torment animals.

He became the court jester and friend of King William the Generous and Queen Katherine. Disillusioned with power, he assassinated the royal couple and seized the Kyragem. As a response Kallak of the Order of Royal Mystics created a magical seal that trapped him in Castle Kyrandia. However this made also the Kyragem inaccessible to them, and without magical reserves, their power diminished. During all these years Malcolm planned his revenge until he was able to escape.

He started wreaking havoc in Kyrandia, destroying trees for his whim. This alerted the Other Kingdom which was unable to stop him. Eventually Malcolm visited Kallak and turned him into stone. Soon after he abducted Brynn.

Malcolm is seen again outside the Serpent's Grotto playing with knives, mocking and dissuading Brandon from continuing his quest; he also sealed the entrance with a block of ice. He then went on and abducted Darm.

Later he is seen again near the Enchanted Fountain, wrecking it so that it stops pouring magic water. He then abducted Zanthia.

Malcolm "welcomed" Brandon as he entered the Castle. He would tolerate his presence, but forbid him to enter the Kyra-vault. However, when Brandon unlocked the entrance to the vault, Malcolm showed up. After teasing and pushing Brandon several times, angering him, leading him to punch Malcolm. He then entered and shot a spell at him, which however bounced through Brandon's invisibility self, off the mirror, and back to Malcolm, who is turned to stone. With this, Malcolm's spells were nullified and his previous victims were restored.

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