Merith is an inhabitant of the Forest of Kyrandia and friends with Brandon. After Brandon healed the sick willow tree outside Brynns temple , Merith showed up and seemed impressed, then asked to play, telling Brandon about a marble he found. Brandon told Merith he was unable to play at the moment, but asked to see the marble, in response Merith told Brandon if he wanted to see the marble, he needed to catch him first. and ran away. Brandon reluctantly followed him.


Merith eventually hid behind a tree but was mistaken about the direction Brandon would approach from, Brandon snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder, startling Merith and causing him to jump high into a tree. Brandon told him to let go of the branch, telling Merith he'd catch him, but then just letting Merith fall. As Merith landed, the impact caused him to drop the marble. Angry Merith told Brandon he could have the marble, and left saying he wouldn't play with him anymore.